dmodmoTeam DiscSpace at 30,000 feet

Jannon and I are flying back to San Francisco now, but thanks to the wonders of modern science we are hooked up to the inter-tubes anyhow! Right now we're somewhere over the Rocky Mountains, but that isn't stopping us from working on DiscSpace. Jannon's working hard on developing League functionality, and I'm playing around on the site, finding spots for new/improved features and fistpumping every time a new member signs up.


Our trip to Washington DC for the USAU Organizers Convention was a great success! We met a ton of awesome ultimate organizers and learned a lot about what yall need to get the most out of a site like ours. We have some new upgrades in the works already, and plenty more on the way soon. A special shout out to the guys from Five and Savage, they both have some awesome new developments in ultimate apparel and we're excited to work with them to bring our members extra-awesome deals on team and league jerseys and make that process easier for everyone on both ends.


Welcome to all of our new users around the country (and perhaps even the world!). Please keep giving us feedback (with the fancy feedback button on the left margin!), inviting your friends (see the button at the bottom of your friends list?), and making the most of the tools we've built for you. We'd love to hear some success stories about how DiscSpace made your life easier. Don't be shy about posting in the forums or editing the wiki either, if you've got something to share we'd all love to hear it!


Play on,




p.s. I'll be at Trouble in Vegas next weekend, playing with Free Smile Island. If you see us out there, come say hey!