Gazos State Beach
5720 Cabrillo Hwy
No fees

Additional Fee Information

$60 per player for tournament, food, and party
$30 per player for just tournament ($15/day)
$20 per non-player for food and party Saturday night

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Gazos Gambit VI
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11/30/2012 - 12/02/2012
Team Tournament

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updates gazos gambit VI

we're trying for nov 30 - dec 2.

we need 10 or 12 teams

backup date is dec 9-11

january date is out

(below copied from fb)

 Costanoa does have a picnic area we can rent for $500. We'll need a big tent in case of rain. No updates yet on parking lot or party... stay tuned..

 we're still waiting on getting word from the parking lot owner. meanwhile Cal Parks has offered up their parking lot as a potential place to stage our food truck and portapotties for an additional fee. the "yellow" gate area is CalTrans property... will attempt to discuss with them. thats the latest...

Team Bid Instructions!

First you must create a team page for your team (if it doesn't already exist on DiscSpace). To do so, go to the teams landing page ( and click '+ add new team' at the upper right. Fill in the necessary info and voila! Now you have a sweet page for your team. But you can play with that later, now is the time for Gazos bids!

Now that you're back on the tournament page, click the 'Submit Bid' button at the top of the page. Select your team and choose 'Start Bid'. Add any info you want the TD to have in the message box and click 'Submit Bid' and you're done!

We're still working on a way to submit payments, but if you are a captain and want to start collecting your team's individual payments to send in all at once, that would make things easier for us. 

2011 BULA writeup!

Read it here!

a favorite set of gazos photos from Davin

photos of the gazos beach

this page alone (duh, click here)  should get you to submit your bid RIGHT NOW!

gazos wiki setup

this wiki will have most of the info the site used to have.

2011 fb event link!/event.php?eid=168999503193010

gazos is a TWO (2) day tourney of ultimate (but read on)

it's friday NIGHT as well so please make plans to come down early!   we are working on a one day mini, round robin tourney for friday.    lots of people get sick on a friday in december!  :)  not ultimate sick, just work sick.      more on this if/as it develops

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